Terms and Conditions

By scheduling a photoshoot with Light Aspect Images the client agrees to the following Terms and Conditions:

Images produced at a photoshoot are copyright to Light Aspect Images. The photoshoot fee covers the session, image processing and delivery. Light Aspect Images reserves the right to use any and all images for marketing purposes. This is the industry standard in relation to commercial photography and the Copyright Act (1998).

Images produced by Light Aspect Images are owned by Light Aspect Images. The photoshoot fee payable grants the client/listing agent a licence to use the images in print and online for the duration of the sales campaign.

For rental photography the images are licenced for use by the agency for the duration of the property’s management.

Where a property does not sell and is re listed by a new agency, the new agency must contact Light Aspect Images if they wish to use the images previously captured. A re licencing fee of $85 is payable for use of the images.

Usage of images by a third party is not permissible unless agreed upon in writing with Light Aspect Images.

Light Aspect Images requires attribution/credit/tagging for images produced when they are shared via social media and in newspaper or magazine editorials both online and in print.

Payment terms are strictly 21 days from invoice date unless alternate payment arrangements have been made in advance. The licence to use the images expires if payment has not been received at 21 days. A late payment fee of $15 will be applied on the first day past due.

Payment is due whether the photos are used or not and whether or not the listing agency has received payment of fees from their client.

If invoices remain outstanding for more than 14 days after the due date, Light Aspect Images will not schedule any future photoshoots until all invoices are paid in full. Any costs resulting from debt recovery actions are to be paid by the client.

The Photographer is happy to collect keys from the client’s office. Where the property is located within 10km from the office no fee applies. A Key Pick Up Fee of $40 is payable where properties are further than 10km.

Keys in Office (KIO) bookings are considered time flexible and will be scheduled at a time that best suits the photographer logistically. Please have keys ready for collection at Reception at the beginning of the day of the photoshoot, ensuring keys for all relevant areas are provided and working. Please specify if a photoshoot is required at a certain time.

Photoshoots are scheduled approximately between the hours of 10am and 3pm as this is when the light is the most flattering.

If the photographer is running more than 5 minutes late, reasonable attempts will be made to notify the relevant person.

It is required that no other contractors are booked on the same day as the scheduled photoshoot. If the photographer is unable to complete the photoshoot due to contractors on site a Reschedule Fee will apply and the rescheduled photoshoot will be charged at the full fee. It is the listing agent’s responsibility to advise owners of this.

The agent/owner is to ensure all cleaning/painting/maintenance tools are out of sight on shoot day.

If the photographer is unable to complete the photoshoot in the time allowed as a result of the property not being presented photo ready and/or persons at the property giving direction/interference/micro arranging items necessitating a return visit, a Return Fee of $85 is payable. Photoshoots are typically booked back to back and the photographer reserves the right to leave to attend the next scheduled appointment.

Where the property is in a difficult location and/or street parking is not available, the client is to advise the photographer of the best place to park at the time of booking.

Where particular features are to be included or avoided, the client is to provide instructions prior to the shoot.

Where the photographer will be attending the property alone, the client is to provide details at the time of booking of:

  • Alarm codes and panel location if not located at the front door
  • For apartments, please provide parking information, apartment floor/level location, gate codes, communal laundry access details, facilities required to be photographed – pool, gym, sauna, common areas etc and the levels they are located on.
  • Whether power has been disconnected.

Available times are offered to clients though not held until confirmed. Photoshoots booked in writing are considered to be confirmed when the photographer and the client have agreed upon a time. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that their client is aware of the scheduled shoot start time. Bookings are scheduled on a first come first served basis.

Where the photographer is unable to gain access to the property due to keys not provided as agreed or meeting no shows, the photographer will remain at the property for a maximum of 15 minutes whilst trying to contact the client. The client must be contactable on the day of the scheduled shoot in case any issues arise. If the client will not be contactable, contact details for an alternate person must be provided.

The agent/owner is responsible for ensuring that the property is photo ready and presented as the client requires prior to the photographer’s arrival. Driveways are to be cleared of cars and persons and pets to be removed from the areas being photographed. All lights and lamps turned on and vertical blinds opened fully. The photographer does not provide a cleaning and decluttering service, though is happy to provide some assistance to fine tune select details and hide minor items to improve a photograph’s composition. It is recommended that agents arrive prior to the photoshoot to assist with last minute details. Full presentation details may be shared with owners here.

For tenanted properties it is the agent’s responsibility to advise tenants on presentation. Tenant’s belongings will not be moved by the photographer.

A maximum of 2 locations within close proximity to the property can be included in the photoshoot without charge. This is to be advised at the time of booking to ensure enough time is scheduled on the day. The photographer will shoot within the parameters of the Law relating to Photography in Public.

Where images of places of interest such as schools, café’s, private businesses etc are required, it is the responsibility of the client to obtain permission and provide any relevant documents for image capture prior to the day. The photographer may be prohibited on the day and unable to capture the desired images. Any location photographs captured remain the property of Light Aspect Images and will be added to the photographer’s stock photo library. Images may be used by other clients for their marketing campaigns. The images captured are at the photographer’s discretion.

A Reschedule Fee of $50 applies where bookings are rescheduled or cancelled by the client within 24 hours of the scheduled shoot start time. The rescheduled photoshoot will be charged additionally at the full rate.

The Reschedule Fee also applies when the property cannot be accessed due to incorrect keys, keys not working, keys not available at the agreed location, alarm codes not provided, no shows.

Images for Real Estate Sales and Rentals are delivered by the close of business on the next business day in both print and web resolution. The link to download will remain active for 7 days. It is the client’s responsibility to safely store and archive images once delivered. Light Aspect Images is under no obligation to store, retain or archive images once they have been delivered to the client.

Delivery time frames for all other services may differ and approximate delivery times will be advised.

All images delivered to the client are processed to ensure consistency in exposure, density and colour correction. Additional editing will incur additional costs. Images must not be edited by anyone other than Light Aspect Images.

‘Photoshopping’ of images is at an extra cost. It is best to present the property as envisioned. Items visible with the eye will be visible in the photograph. Images will not be photoshopped in a way that will mis represent the property at the time of sale.

We are so very lucky to have amazing weather in Perth, however, there are some days that just do not lend themselves to image capture. It is the agent’s responsibility to be aware of weather forecasts on the day of the required photoshoot. Where the agent/owners are happy to proceed, images will be delivered as shot. Sky replacements can be provided at an extra cost. If the photographer is unable to photograph due to conditions a return fee will apply to complete the photoshoot.